Wednesday, August 25, 2010


For those of you who are familiar with the "Spritzer Sisters"......the world's smallest quilt guild, (a two person guild) of which I'm a founding member along with SS (Spritzer Sister) Francie may be aware of my interest in yard art.

Our guild issued a challenge way back in 1993 to create a 'yard art' theme quilt. I continue to marvel at the often funny, always enduring 'stuff' I see displayed.

I purchased this wonderful piece on our recent trip to's made from some sort of machinery gears, pipe, and what look like pieces of a shovel for the leaves.

Of course it's already 'planted' in our fact has been moved twice so far.

This is "Yard Art Memorial Park" 49" x 40". I wondered what happens to yard art when their owners get tired of I created a cemetery...... The quilt is hand appliqued, hand quilted, features my trademark - 3-D applique, and is very heavily embellished.


It was featured in my book, "The Stori Book of Embellishing", has been published in many magazines and exhibited at numerous shows. Since I am determined to find good homes, especially for my show pieces, this quilt is for sale at a very reasonable me for details.....or maybe I should auction it off??

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