Sunday, August 8, 2010


It just keeps getting better and better.......we awake daily to yummy breakfasts....complete with strawberry fruit smoothies, fresh fruit, individually prepared omelets or waffles.

We need all this fuel to keep up our strength for our full day of touring the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Our first stop was the Southern Highland Folk Center....a remarkable facility housing informative exhibits and the arts of their members.

Just before reaching the Parkway......we got a site that very few visitors (or locals in fact) ever see.........we came upon a mommy bear and her 3 cubs crossing the road. Of course by the time I could grab my camera and get it turned on ......only one little cutie was left........soon to disappear over the guard rail........but we DID see it......amazing!!!!

Rodney, our very special and knowledge bus driver shared so many historic stories and information about the sites we were seeing. He often stopped to allow our participants time to get off the bus for photo moments. Here Myrna is showing her surprise at how high we have climbed. (She won the long distance award.... coming all the way from Australia to attend this tour!)
We headed to the Pisquah Inn for brunch.......yummmmm. Good food and wonderful scenery from the every direction. It's often called, The Peak of the Parkway.....sitting at 5,000 feet elevation.

After a full day touring.......our participants were on their own for dinner....which allowed 'the husband' a chance to meet me so he could avoid cooking for himself. we went to Burgermeister's - hip 60's style decor......where clearly the chef know how to cook a burger.

The decor was right out of an episode of Madmen.

Instead of curtains......the owners strung old 70 LP's together to add a unique touch to the restaurant. After our dinner......I rejoined some of the group who had taken over rocking chairs on the covered porch of the Thomas Wolfe Memorial Home which was is located directly across from our hotel. Then it was time for bed....

Today we have another full to follow asap......

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