Thursday, December 31, 2009


New Year's Eve is often associated with glitz, glitter, and parties as we welcome in the New Year......and of course, this year we are welcoming a new decade. I must have blinked....where did that time go??

So, in honor of those who will be out and about's a look at how some of the Country Music Hall of Fame stars shine.....

This is the gown Carrie Underwood wore at the 2009 CMA awards ceremony. It was created by Miami based designer Rafael Gennamo. The merlot silk taffeta gown features 120 yards of fabric and an 8' train!

AND......we art quilters thought we developed the idea of painting on fabric! Colonel Parker was Elvis Presley's savvy manager who creatively promoted Elvis's for most of his career.
(See photo)

Here's Elvis's gold leaf piano.....

This jacket belonged to Gram Parsons.......(original band member and lead singer of the Byrds) perhaps the featured marijuana plants foretold of his early tragic death due to a drug overdose.

These next gowns were worn by Faith Hill...... the quality of the photos are poor due to all the reflected light coming off the dresses.....however, they sure got my attention...

Detail.......the entire dress and scarf were covered with reflective oblong sequins.

This one really blew my mind......small bugle beads were stitched into block units, alternating the direction of each. A distinctive pattern develops as the light hits the beads. This must have been very heavy to wear!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Thank you for spending 2009 with me.......


Pam said...

Bet you have plently of inspirational ideas for the new year.
May you and the husband have a joyous new year.

Vicky F said...

Happy New Year to you, Mary!
The Grand Olde Opry sounds fun! Along with the museum.
When you get back home, I'd like to know more about those supper clubs in Wisconsin. We stopped at one once, not knowing anything about them, and hoping to get a sandwich. We learned that they were serving a big dinner and we left, not wanting that much food while traveling.
Thanks for the fun and creative tid-bits you provide us! Vicky F