Saturday, January 2, 2010


Perhaps some profound thoughts should be included in this first post for 2010.....but you probably already know......I rarely have any.

Instead, I'm going to finish yacking about our WI trip two weeks ago.......that is AFTER I whine about our weather. Just prior to Christmas, this area had its 'once in a generation' snow storm' At elevation 3,200 ft., we still had some snow on the ground as of yesterday. Today, we are in the 'once in a generation' cold snap. It was 14 degrees when I got up.....and snowing horizontally....ground completely covered already. So officially....this is #3 Snowfall for the season. Last year the locals all told us it was the worst winter they could remember (11 snowfalls....I know....I counted them)......hummmmm. We left Wisconsin for this??

Well....let's not dwell on's a thought....and quite profound, but remember....I didn't say it. It was spotted at a chocolate shop.

This small establishment offered preservative free candy.......every flavor you can imagine, served in individual cups.'s a true inspiration. Our niece has the most wonderful fellow in her life.....he and 'the husband' are like two peas in a pod. They both love Porsches and can talks endlessly about these cars and car racing. As I've mentioned.....besides the real purpose of the trip.....attending a college graduation, food ran a close second.

'The boyfriend' and 'the husband' got on the subject of breakfast favorites.......admissions had to be made. 'The husband' is regressing back to his youth....our cupboard is stocked with what I deem....kid's sugar cereals, which he now enjoys daily in a well planned rotation of his favorites. The addition of whipped cream swirls may be over the top! (Yes, you are picturing this correctly.....Ready Whip straight from the can, mounding the surface of the cereal.......sorry no picture can possibly be available for this vision.....I tried to take one today but got run out of the kitchen.)

So, if you are still following this.....guess what 'the boyfriend' suggested to 'the husband'......yup, Captain Crunch Peanut Butter cereal with chocolate milk......and of course 'the husband's' whipped cream topping will now make this a special morning treat for both of them.

We took a side trip to Menomonie, WI, the hometown of 'the husband's' family. Though none of us in the family were alerted to this wonderful tribute.......we were delighted by its presence.

The marker notes the location of the Stori House Hotel, a stage coach stop and coffee house, which was built in 1850. The circuit court and many social events where held at the hotel. It was demolished in 1964, and at that time it was the oldest standing landmark in the state.

The plaque reads: July 27, 1996 the Downtown Menomonie Time Capsule was buried in this historic node in honor of Menomonie's Sesquicentennial. To be opened in July 2046.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I found the reference to the Stori House hotel interesting.
If it was demolished in 1964 it was still there when we lived in Menomonie.
Was it called something else in later years? Where was it located?

And just to make you feel a little better it's zero degrees and a minus 17 wind chill today here in SOUTHERN Wisconsin!

nzeller said...

Chocolate milk and Captain Crunch Peanut butter...YUM! I had a desire to tell the cereal companies about my favorite cereal mixture, since I probably won't go into the food industry, I'll tell you. I loved eating Captain Crunch PB with Coco Pebbles or Coco Puffs. It was like eating a breakfast Reeses PB cup.

Sounds like you'll have to keep DH away from the cereal bars/cafe's that are popping up.