Thursday, December 10, 2009


Our annual PTA Christmas celebration was held in a member's lovely home. Many of us (for a variety of reasons) have opted out of decorating this we were especially thrilled to get into the Christmas spirit by enjoying Judy's festive surroundings.'s perfect and yes, it's REAL!

Isn't this inviting?

We all felt so grown up as we were seated at the handsome tables.

Isn't this just special!

Of course....we are quilters so it's all about the food! All hands are on deck as prepared dishes are readied for the next course.

As the bread and snacks disappear.....the desserts are set out.....

Lynne thrilled us all by creating a PTA Photo Album of our activities as party favors for each of us. She even made the origami paper packaging.

After we were all stuffed......we moved along to show and tell. Most us us are professional quilters, therefore our projects are made for sale...... Today was a bit unusual as many of the pieces were more personal. I love Barbara's new progress.....this is 1/2 of a twin quilt.

She's cleverly quilting the top directly to fleece....which is her and comfy.

Judy showed some of her unique scarves, created using rusting techniques. You really need to see them to appreciate how much texture and interest this method creates.

Georgia Bonesteel hosts annual retreats at the Circle 9 Ranch in's a portion of a large quilt top she's made as a gift for the ranch.

Lynne is a master of innovative contemporary designs made with her own hand dyed fabrics....

Next, the fun continued as we participated in our annual White Elephant Exchange game......I'll post these hilarious photos tomorrow.......

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