Monday, December 14, 2009


Nancy Bruce is a master at fabric dyeing, not to mention so many other mixed media techniques that simply blow my on....

She excels at seeking out amazing fabric, lace, fiber, & trinket this piece above.

However, it won't look like that long.....instead, she will transform it with various dye/paint methods. It's a great way to re-purpose these treasures espeically if they had any unsightly stains. Very effective!

She's a fan of rusting fabrics.....utilizing a myriad of rusted iron objects which with vinegar, salt and water transfer their details (and rusted iron particles) to fabric.

Here Nancy used numerous colors to dye a piece of silk upholstery fabric.

Of course these altered materials find their way into elaborately stitched pieces, such as this purse which is made from her own felted wool, embroidered with hand-dyed threads/cords/yarns and buttons and beads.


Another in-progress piece: The motifs are attached to a felted wool panel that Nancy created.

The wrong side is nearly as interesting as the will eventually be lined to protect the threads when the project is complete.

I'm so thankful to call these marvelous and generous artists my friends.....they've certainly enriched my life.

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