Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Fiber Junkies.....another small group which I recently helped to organize, gathered for a Christmas luncheon and of course Show and Tell. I've introduced Carol Sloan to you before as a talented up and coming artist. Frankly......she's already arrived in my humble opinion.

Her detail and creativity is awesome. Here's a cigar box she's transformed to contain a journal full of inspiration, and's a feast for the eye!

An view of the cigar box's interior.

Here's the front cover of the journal. Carol utilizes found objects in the most unusual and effective ways.

She uses old lace, bones, beads, buttons, lots of text, her own drawings, hand stitching and a large variety of fabrics which all add to the attraction of her work.


She's created pages within the journal, secured together with rivet holes and ribbon....and more treasures to enjoy.

Her subjects will often cause you to pause and reflect on the moment!

Carol uses paints, rusting techniques, various fabric and paper mediums....which frankly, I can't describe accurately since working with these products is new (yet very exciting) to me. This is one example of how she altered what was probably a simple brass plaque.

Be sure to visit her blog on the link above to get better acquainted with this artist.

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Carol Sloan said...

thanks for making me sound so awesome! I'm just happy (and blessed) to have friends as talented as you...