Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Our snow is all melted......which is typical.....it usually lasts for only a day or two at the most.

Coming home from the grocery store....we encountered several bovines out for a stroll on this sunny day.

I've blogged about the Fiddlin' Pig before....but it's worth repeating. We love this Asheville area BBQ and Bluegrass entertainment restuarant. Their welcome signs says it all....

Among the many fine groups that play nightly at the Fiddlin' Pig.......our favorite is Balsam Range. A local group with a national and international reputation. Their banjo player, Mark Pruet (sorry a post was in my way so he's not visible) is a Grammy Award winner. The fiddle player lives in our neighborhood....we frequently see him hard at work in his day job....a farmer.

Each night cloggers are present to help liven up the music. Each time we go, I mentally commit to seeking out a place to take lessons....this looks like so much fun AND a real calorie burner.

If you are in the area.......Ya'll go to the Fiddlin' Pig.....

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