Thursday, December 17, 2009


Finally......the Paisley design is on......

The completed embellished center square has now been backed with a larger, sturdy piece of woolfelt (fiber content is 100% wool). To provide a margin of error, I've cut the background piece slightly larger than the marked finished 16" square.

Because some of the motifs extend to the edge of the center square, it was necessary to finish/cover the edges. My original plan didn't after much pondering, I opted to cut strips with a rotary cutter fitted with a wavy blade. Various widths were auditioned until I found the right look.

The rick-rack looking strips were fused to the backgrounds.

Next, to add more interest to the edging treatment, seed beads were stitched through the three layers.

I decided to finish the final border in the style of Penny Rugs and that required a master plan. Math is definitely not my strong this task was done by paper folding to determine the spacing of each of the half circles.

I made templates from thin poster board and traced their shapes around the border's perimeter.

With the aid of a sharp applique scissors.......the border is cut following the marked lines.

I like the way the curves of the borders echo the curves of the Paisley motifs.

Although the edges of woolfelt don't require finishing, I added blanket stitching to provide a bit more stability.

The quilting industry has given me so many amazing opportunities and experiences. I've found one way to give back......this piece will be donated to the Alliance for American Quilts 2010 annual fund raising auction. Details will be posted as time draws closer.


Carol Sloan said...

Mary! I love this piece!That would be a good beading class sample too...

Nanette said...

Simply Beautiful!
Love it!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The finishing on this piece was perfect.