Sunday, December 27, 2009


Christmas is a perfect time to attend a Grand Ole Opry Show because at this time of the year it's held at the historic Ryman Auditorium located in downtown Nashville, TN.

This old beauty was once a the original pews still remain. Surely there are more comfortable seats one could be in for a 2 hour show, but the originality of this small venue keeps this place special as does the fabulous sound.

A view from the stage.

Our seats were balcony - first row, aisle.....a bit off to the side which meant with the curve of the stage set up and balcony arrangement we had a marvelous view. It gave us a direct view of the doorway leading off stage where artists staged themselves for their next turn or to just listen themselves. Jeannie Seely has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry for probably 40 years.....I swear she gets younger every time we see does her voice...amazing. She's a real pro and knows how to work the crowd. Nearly every act, about 4 in every 'set' (which runs 30 mins. long) sing 2-3 songs during this 2 hour show. It's all presented in a very causual (yet totally professional) manner.....the set musicians roam on and off the stage.....all chatting with each other.....this inside view from our sets made it come to life even more.

Between acts, a live announcer does the advertisements...this one was for Humana. You may not be aware, but the Grand Ole Opry has been done as a live radio show for probably 50 years..... Their most famous advertiser was Martha White Flour.....we were sad to see that disappear, although that company now sponsors Rhonda Vincent's tours...with their name blazed on the side of her bus.

The music style is country, with its various subcategories......this is Riders In The Sky.....a well known 'Cowboy' (think Roy Rogers) kind of singing.....though with a lot of humor.

Our favorite group was and is Daily & Vincent.......their harmony will give you goose bumps. Nearly every performer took the time to wish everyone Merry Christmas.....noting that it was nice to be in a place that still can proudly declare Merry Christmas rather than all the PC terms folks now feel that they must use. Additionally, often our troops and families were thanked for their service to our country. How important and refreshing!!

If you are ever in Nashville.......esp. when the Opry is being presented at the Ryman, rather than the newer huge facility in the Opryland Park area.......give your self a treat and take in a show.

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