Thursday, December 24, 2009


They say you can't go home again......but your taste buds can. On our recent trip back to Wisconsin, our days seem to revolve around meals.....before we finished with one, we already knew where we'd head for the next treat!

"The husband" read an article reflecting on 'whatever happened to (fill in the blank) restaurant'. One he remembered may have only been a Midwest chain.....but he got very excited to learn that THE LAST Chicken Unlimited restaurant was in Eau Claire, WI. How very fortunate that we were there for our niece's college graduation.

Several car loads of celebration goers headed there for lunch......and all proclaimed the food was DELICIOUS. Apparently the owner is also into 'the husband' found his dining pick an even better choice!

But, wait.....look what I found right next door!!

No trip to Wisconsin is complete without a visit to Culver' even though several in our party had induldged in hand dipped ice cream at Chicken Unlimited.......we all rallied and headed to Culver's for a Chocolate Concrete Malt. My personal favorite!

This is soooo Wisconsin.......the photo is a little fuzzy as I snapped the photo from a moooooving car.

The next stop in our progressive day of dining was the Supper Club where our niece worked throughout her nearly 4 years at the U of Wisconsin/Eau Claire. Supper Club's in Wisconsin all seem to be nearly identical......good Wisconsin memories.

I loved this vintage Santa greeting guests at the entrance to the Supper Club.

Don't let the unpretentious presentation fool these humble pots some of the most delicious meatballs that ever passed my lips were found!

Yeah to the grad......who received 1 firm job offer the night before she graduated AND has another interview with yet another possibility next week. We are proud of you Jenna!


Robbie said...

Yep, it is nice to go home isn't it! And the food just makes it complete!!! Happy Holidays, Mary!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

That planning the next meal right after you finish eating must be a Wisconsin or Minnesota thing.
We used to do the same thing - expecially when we traveled.
When we traveled with friends we always had at least 3 planning parties before the trip, complete with food. And one or two after the trip!