Saturday, December 12, 2009


PTA's White Elephant Christmas Exchange has been going on for many years......and it gets sillier each time. Some items return, year after year, and some are secretly hidden in the hostesses home....only to be discovered later when her plotting begins with ideas about how to return it to the true owner.

The exchange has turned into a game where we utilize numbers drawn from a bag and the right to steal the gifts of others if we desire. It's too complicated to explain, in fact, we have 'forgotten' the rules from year to year....though this year I took charge and had them written out for ready reference!

One specific package must have taken the gift giver all year to contained silly, non-related items that had us all's an example. (Frankly, I like the bovine poster!)

Cathy embellished herself with some of the other items in the bag.....she's even sporting one of the two wigs that were generously given by Linda Cantrell. If you know Linda.....none of this would be a surprise to you.....

Linda LOVES her Boston Terriers and frequently dresses them for photo shoots. She kindly added a photo album to her gift bag......hysterical!

Gen opened this leopard and bead encrusted zippered bottle cover and I believe she chose to keep it. Hummmm....why??

When a package is decorated with fabric pom poms.....what's a gal to do with them? Heck, none of us are in the Bravo TV's 'Housewife's' club......our breasts are unaltered. However, one of our members found a cheap way to enhance hers with the pom poms.

When the gift I stole from someone, got stolen away from me.......I ended up with this lovely item....(not for long.....I managed to steal something else later and dumped this cemetery looking vase off on another member. Ya gotta wonder where these gals find their white elephant items?!?

To protect the identity of this member....I've cropped her image......I'm sure her husband will appreciate her gift!

We will all be on the lookout throughout next year for the perfect exchange item to bring to our 2010 Christmas Party.

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