Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Since 'the husband' and I, single handedly, seem to be keeping jobs secure in the local medical community.....I was unable to attend our annual FAA Christmas luncheon on Tuesday.

This year's fun featured an artist trading card exchange. My friend Judy Simmons has shared some of the amazing pieces on her here to enjoy them yourself.

On a personal note.....I've gotten numerous emails about the suicide football pool......really! Yup....the drama and suspense of each NFL week sneaks up on you..... There are still 5 of us left.....and though I've truly done this for the fun.....I wouldn't mind being the 'last man' standing and claim the pool. Now that I've said it out loud.....I've probably jinxed myself. None-the-less it's been so enjoyable that I've already gotten my $20 investment and more long ago!

So....this week I've picked Pittsburgh....they've lost 4 in a row....yikes...but their QB is back and none of the other match ups looked safe to me. We are all now in about the same situation....each of us have 12 teams we can no longer pick....and of course most of us have picked the top teams (fairly sure wins) already. Keep your fingers crossed on Sunday for the Steelers to beat Oakland.

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Jan said...

Mary, so sorry you and hubby have been supporting the local medical community this year. (Though as part of that community I thank you) I also missed the Christmas festivities on Tues due to the flu. Had been looking forward to it all year - had to miss last year due to work. The cards photographed were incredible. There is so much talent in the group. Hope you and hubby are doing better soon.
Good luck on Sunday with the pool