Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Having a White Christmas to enjoy is always so festive......but of course, very unusual here.....despite the fact that we are in the mountains. At our 3,200 ft. elevation, we got 11 snows last year (whose counting!?!) Most were just enough to see a cat's or two were in the 5+ inch range.

This prolonged storm dumped about 2 ft. up here. Because it's typical to experience a lot of wind in these mountain valleys when fronts travel through, there were many 3 foot drifts. We were smart to wait till the morning to get home because drove into our subdivision just as our driveway was being cleared. This scene is Tues. morning....the storm began about 7:00 AM on Friday.

Normally, the mild daytime temperatures allow the snow to melt within a day or so......this may be with us for awhile. Pretty, isn't it?

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