Saturday, December 26, 2009


On Christmas Day we headed to Nashville, TN to attend the Grand Ole Opry's evening show at the historic Ryman Theater. Because of the distance, about 5 hrs. from home, we overnighted at the famous Gaylord Opryland Hotel.

This is the largest structural hotel in the world. It includes 9 acres of indoor gardens, an indoor river (for a fee you can tour on a flat bottom boat), 20,000 foot fitness center & spa, golf course, a dozen or more restaurants, countless shops and cafes.......all designed to reduce the dollars in your wallet as quickly as possible. It's a very pricey place to stay, the numerous add on costs are at times ridiculous. However, for a special treat like Christmas, it's festive, convenient, features good food, & very enjoyable.

The soaring atrium is decorated beyond imagination......quite breathtaking at night as well as in the daytime.

Our room/balcony overlooked this lovely courtyard. The people watching as we sipped our coffee and beverages was great.

Typically, when visiting hotels, I find these....'what in the world were they thinking moments'....
Who selected bedspreads that feature bugs? Definitely not a good plan for a hotel!

What a great quilt's a rug that I spotted in one of the hotel shops...... Listen up PTA members......I already found the perfect White Elephant gift for our 2010 gift exchange.....even if I had to purchase'll all want this one! Sorry everyone, you'll all have to hang in with me another year to learn what it is.....though think 'tacky'.

What a better way to acknowledge that today begins my 3rd. year of blogging.....who'd have thunk? Thanks again Sol for helping me get acquainted with this technology.

Coming from the Grand Ole Opry......

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