Monday, March 22, 2010


We most definitely left our heart in San Francisco.......with our Grand dog Nali. I'm not very much of a pet a young child I witnessed an incident (dog vs child) that has uncomfortably stayed with me. So, I remain somewhat cautious.

'The perfect child' and 'perfect daughter' (in-law), spent 2+ months in Europe a number of years ago. We were Nali's caretakers.....that time is now known as Nali's Wisconsin vacation.

Sadly for us, but a very good move for them..... the kids and Nali moved to the West coast. Here's our girl at Baker Beach....she's a lab....and she LOVES water! What more could a dog ask for? A dog park on the ocean, with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge....though Nali's eyes are only on her B A L L. A word that often needs to be spelled to avoid a frenzy!

When the kids relocated to the Bay area after 'the perfect child' got his Master's degree from the Kellogg Business School at Northwestern.....Nali was kenneled and got a 'seat' in the cargo section. Here's her last walk on Midwest soil...cement......

The other day a friend was reminding me how positive and important pets can be to our lives.....yes....that's true.

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