Sunday, March 14, 2010


Doesn't everyone love scrap quilts? I'm particularly drawn to blues and whites/ here's a real beauty....straight from rainy in North Carolina...where we are still waiting for spring!

Here's our cute little Kate Weston....a member of PTA fiber arts group....barely able to hold one end of her king size quilt.

And another view of this stunning quilt......makes me want to dig in my closet and start cutting fabrics. Every point is perfect, the color placement is excellent, and her machine quilting enhances the design beautifully!!

Last night we attended a small dinner party and met a local couple who both have family quilts, some they guessed may date back to just after the Civil War. Apparently there are many tops and completed quilts that have never been used. I've been promised a peak at them.....seriously, I can't wait!

Not coming from a family of quiltmakers, I was enthralled by their memories of quilt frames hanging from ceilings in their grandparent's homes. Of course many of us have heard or experienced this.......but the stories never get old to me.

NOTE: Gini inquired what the pattern name is.....sorry I don't friend is out of the country right now....I'll try to remember to ask her when she returns......and let you all know.


Chris said...

I love that quilt too! Spring has made it to Wisconsin. The snow has melted and temps are in the high 50's. I did my last batch of snow dyeing 3 days ago. hard to believe the change.

Gini Ewers said...

What a great quilt. Do you know the name of the block? Thanks.

Mary said...

It is a gorgeous quilt -- I'm pretty sure it's a Hunter's Star block.