Sunday, March 21, 2010


The 'posting' of our development is now complete.....what a sense of satisfaction. When one studies the sides of the mountains around here, you can identify old roads such as logging, farming, and cattle paths. However, some were also used by long gone settlers. Several locals have told us that if you can manage to follow one of these roads through all the scrub growth and well eroded ground, most likely you'll come upon abandoned log buildings; small homes, shacks, lean to's for animals.

But you also find the beauty of an unexpected stream, moss covered rocks, and vistas that take your breath away. I'll let most of the photos speak for themselves.....

This photo may not provide the sense of just how steep some of the property is in our development...but believe me it seemed nearly straight down as I hung onto a tree and my walking stick to steady myself to snap this shot.

Yes, these last two are simply amazing....aren't they??? the car was not disassembled and placed around the's probably been there for 50+ years.

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