Monday, March 15, 2010


Many of you have probably seen and heard the story of this quilt, titled Waiting For Spring which was first shown on Simply Quilts years ago. It was inspired by 'the husband', who pouted during our long Midwest winters....waiting to get his little sports car back on the road after its winter hibernation.

I've hesitated lately to report this year's snowfalls (not to mention the unusually cold temperatures) mainly because so many of you had it worse.....therefore I'd receive little sympathy! Although I DID complain on numerous occasions. Good grief, last year I gripped when we had 11 snows.....this year's count is 29 and I probably missed a few in my record keeping.


'The husband' says I made him look like a Smurf.......okay maybe....but he's a cold Smurf.

Our daily 'forced marches' (which 'the husband' calls walks) take us up and back down about 1,000 feet in 'march time' is about 90 minutes. Nope, spring isn't here yet....there's still some patches of snow.

After a very steep road, we reach a sort of flat area before the road climbs very steeply again. You are seeing about half the height of trees in the background......

The weather caused an enormous rock slide on Interstate 40, which has been closed since Oct. Can you image an Interstate being closed for more than even 24 hours? It's been devastating to our county due to the lack of thru traffic. Repairs have taken much longer than expected due to the bad weather....and secondary rock slides! They hope to open it by the end of April.

All this wet weather is causing mud slides everywhere around here. The one pictured above is located near the end of our 'march', on the side of a large knoll which overlooks our valley. Any day now we expect that large tree to be in the roadway.

Cripes....I just looked out the window........say it isn't so....I see snow flurries! The weatherman claims it will be around 50 today.....okay, I'm WAITING too!


Wendy said...

You're hilarious, Mary.

Judy Ellsworth said...

I remember so well "Waiting for Spring." Learned all I know about beading from "The Stori of Beaded Embellishment" and actually finished a spider web right down to the binding! Silly me, I thought beading had to look Victorian.