Saturday, March 27, 2010


I've been an author with C & T Publishing since they published my book, "Beading Basics", in 2004. Six years later, I'm still delighted to be working with this forward thinking publisher of quilt related materials and where 4 of my solo publications continue to be in print.

For all you bargain hunters......go to the C & T website and check out their large selection of books on sale right now for $5.00 each......from all your favorite authors! Scroll down on the left side bar to the very bottom and click on sale/close outs.

C & T just published Inspired! Creativity Cards available here for $9.95. It's a collection of playing card size quilt photos and thought-provoking statements about finding inspiration, handling stress, and exploring your artistry.

The 36 secrets and quilts come from the world's most celebrated quilters. Pick a card, any card when you're in a creative rut, need a boost of positive energy, or when you just need a new idea.

Here's my card.....the quilt is 'Funky Rooster', a bead appliqued folk art style wall quilt.

I'm very flattered to be included in this collection.....but honestly I had to laugh when I saw what category my quote was given. Anyone who knows me, I'm SURE.....would not think of me as dispensing Wisdom! But, I stand by my statement which I've shared for years and years.....

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Bev said...

That sure is the right catagory for your quote. That has always been my philosophy as well.