Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Cabarrus Quilt Guild members were such a great audience last night. It was fun introducing them to my whimsical style of quilt making.

Due to a long discussion, which ultimately impacted their By-laws, Show and Tell was skipped.

However, while chatting with a member just before departing for the night, I talked her into sharing her quilt with my readers.

Wendy Lynch (on the left) made this charming original quilt for her daughter Bunny's 20th birthday. I loved how she created depth to the piece by careful placement of the lighter blue behind the tree! Many small details such as a dragon fly incorporated additional design interest, helping the eye to move around the piece.

Don't you just love 'back art'? Sometimes we get so anxious to complete a project.....that creating additional designs for the backing is only a thought.....not a reality. Wendy did a great job of complementing the quilt's design onto the back. Thanks for sharing Wendy!

One can find 'art' anywhere if we keep our eyes open. I noticed these 6 small panels in hallway of the hotel's lobby. My photo isn't out of focus.......the images are...slightly. This concept, along with their slightly irregular shapes, made these small pieces so distinctive. An idea I may explore for some of my future small work.


Well, time to say goodbye for today....I'm off to lead students through beading basics methods.

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Wendy said...

Mary! I can't believe you *already* have this up! Thank you for the compliments. After i got home, it occurred to me that i definitely WASN'T thinking; "i just showed my quilt to an actual quilt JUDGE! Was i stoopid?!" =-) But it makes my heart swell with pride anyway.
I had a ball at your presentation last night. The only way it could have been better is if i had enough foresight to sign up for your class today. Sorry i missed it!

p.s. (since you asked) are you kidding (dash) wendy (at) blogspot (dot) com
It ain't much, but there it is!