Thursday, March 18, 2010


The Asheville Quilt Guild's speaker this month was elinor peace baily (she does not capitalize her name), a very talented dollmaker. I've known elinor for years as a fellow national instructor, Fairfield Designer, and Bernina Artisan.

She demonstrated to us that her hair is not a wig and proclaims her dress attire is on purpose to generate attention. She succeeded!

Her trunk show lecture is such a treat for audiences.......she allows the dolls to be passed around the audience which is a wonderful way for everyone to examine and admire the details. Of course all of us had to peak at the panties and here....Naughty Nurse's other under-garments.

elinor really does make the most wonderful, detailed, and creative dolls. This one is her husband. Enjoy the rest......all photos presented on this blog are with her permission.

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Wendy said...

Almost makes ya want to make dolls, doesn't it...