Monday, March 29, 2010


The Fiber Junkie's show and tell was awe inspiring as usual. Today I'm featuring Carol Sloan.
Be sure to check out her blog to see how she incorporates her dyed fabrics and paper into her work.

All the gals in this group, with the exception of me are so skilled at dying fabric......and they go way beyond altering 100% cotton fabrics. Here Carol has dyed some sheers and a loosely woven cheese cloth.

Detail - dyed cheese cloth

I'm going to have to start documenting the various dyes, inks, and paints that each of my creative pals use so I can do my own experimenting and get up to speed! This is one example.

Carol also dyes, stamps, and alters various styles and weights of paper as well. The top piece is an example of how she begins......with a simple color wash...followed by other colors.....

She'll then add design elements by stamping/stenciling with additional colors or removing color, using nail polish remover, within the stencil design to reveal one of the colors beneath. It was fascinating to hear about all these different techniques. the blue was removed in and around the circles, exposing the original yellow paint. What a great way to add depth and interest to a simple piece of paper.

On this piece of paper, Carol sprayed the wet paint with water which provided a pattern of both small and large splatters.

And....what is she going to do with these wonderful pages? Only Carol could think of this.....she's removed damaged inside pages of this old book found at a thrift shop and will replace them with her painted pages. It will become a journal once the pages are secured with strips on seen on the upper left in the photo above. Clever....yes????

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