Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last fall our subdivision had an incident involving hunters....so in order to prevent further problems our development is now being posted. 'The husband' is on the board so I got volunteered to help him. We went out in the snow flurries yesterday for about 3 hours to begin the project, which was only a dent in the amount of time that will be required.

We may live in a subdivision, but it certainly doesn't look like you'd imagine.....it's quite rural. This shed is located on one of the lots and I actually love it.

Notice how the tree has grown right into the side of the building....I can't imagine how the whole thing is still standing. There are so many collapsed out buildings up and down our roads due to the extreme wind and snow we had this winter.

The ground was very slippery with wet leaves and lots of mud due to all the moisture we've had so going was treacherous....but looking where I was walking provided ideas for textures to add to quilts.

I was almost afraid to look inside this tree for fear of finding a sleeping bear cub or ??

Now I KNOW this doesn't look all that steep....but seriously, in order to travel the fence line of the property we had to climb vertically and at times even with a walking stick I was on my hands and knees or being hauled up by 'the husband's' walking stick. This area is so vast, no photograph that I can take will give you the idea just how steep it is. Trust me, I was very proud of myself for doing it.....we did some 'high fiving' when we reached the top.

You might ask why we braved the cold and snow instead of waiting for better weather?? Well.......because the land is much easier to travel now before the scrub and tree growth begins AND while the snakes and bears are still in their dens!

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Wendy said...

HOLY CRAP MARY!!! Me thinks you need remind your Husband of his AGE!
p.s. Have you forgotten what that "Perfect Child" is for? (Or at least SOMEBODY'S Child!) ;)