Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here's my oops.....I mentioned that I'll be the guest blogger on the Quilting Gallery website for March.....sorry, it's not today......mine will be published March 24th.... I'll provide a link next week.

Instead, I thought I'd share some titles of the books I've been reading. Yes, real books.....though I've been flirting with getting a Kindle for over a year. It was my understanding that downloading onto a Kindle wouldn't be possible from here, but fortunately our future new neighbor (thank you Terry) showed me that connecting here in rural America is possible!

Because our local library services way too many folks, our selection is often poor. For instance, they have the book "The Help", but the waiting list is over 20 people long. So lately, in search of some new authors, I've been checking out the recommendations from the library staff which has moved me beyond the thrillers I often enjoy.

This fiction book follows the life of Olive Kitteridge, as it intersects with others in her small town. No murders, no huge's a study of human nature.

Generally non-fiction doesn't hold my attention......see, that's shows just how shallow I am! However, this interesting, disturbing, and thought provoking story about Darfur was time well spent.

The main character in this fun read is a detective. The book is written from his companion's viewpoint.....a dog. The author certainly nailed all the characteristics of what appears to be a lab, even though the dog portrayed is a mutt. The actual story line isn't that deep or fascinating, but the book is definitely smile worthy if you love dogs.

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Wendy said...

Hmmm... You almost make me want to read again...
I haven't read a book in over a year, if you can believe that! I used to read all the time, but i discovered it was an escape-mechanism for me...
And that's as deep as i'm gettin' today!