Friday, March 19, 2010


I hesitated to post about this today, but just maybe someone reading it will LISTEN TO THEIR LITTLE VOICE, when you hear it whispering.

Yesterday 'the husband' and I were driving into town, following a late model vehicle that was ALL over the road. Now our roads here in the mountains have already gained my respect and....well I admit it, downright fear at times because they are so narrow, often steep with lots of tight/blind curves. Locals drive too fast and don't stay in their lanes.

This is the second time in recent years that I warned/pleaded with 'the husband' to stay far back.....from an auto we were following......I JUST KNEW something bad was going to happen as a result of their driving.

And it elderly lady was at the wheel.....weaving from side to side along the road, often crossing the double yellow lines. I was about to call 911 to report it.....because we had no way to trying to stop or alert the driver....beeping a horn or blinking lights we thought might cause further distractions. Just as I again repeated to 'the husband'.......stay far back......she crossed into the oncoming lane and was literally driving in it. Unfortunately, there was an oncoming small truck. That driver did his best to avert an accident but he had nowhere to go with a guard rail on his side, river below. and with us approaching in the opposite lane.

They struck very hard.... glancing blows to both passenger side front/sides, debris flying everywhere. The truck came to rest on our side of the road about an inch (I'm NOT exaggerating) from the side of our car. The entire front wheel assembly had flown by us into the ditch.....which is probably what stopped the wheel....just the whole front end now digging into the pavement.

We suspect the elderly lady either had a medical problem or frankly, just shouldn't have been driving anymore. A total of three were taken to the hospital......the evasive actions of the truck driver, along with air bags, of the truck probably saved his live and his passengers. The big ole' strong car probably prevented life-threatening injuries to the other driver. We are thankful it didn't end as tragically as it might have.

I realize this post may be disturbing......but please......when you see someone on the roadway who is driving in a manner that you know is unsafe, adjust your driving to stay far away from them and call 911. In this the time I was able to call 911, it was to request emergency help.

The car keys had to be pried from both 'the husband's' parents and my mother. Never an easy thing to do. I especially thank my brother Chuck for his resolve in this issue with our Mom. We SAY now that we'll willingly give up driving when it's time.....but sometimes folks don't know when that is. Because everyone here knows something about everyone here....we've already learned that this lady's husband is very, very ill and no longer drives, they are half-backs from Florida and have no relatives in this one to help them make good decisions! Perhaps she had a sudden medical emergency, but it could be she just shouldn't have been driving anymore either.

So...'perfect child and perfect daughter'......even if we kick and scream.......take our keys away when it's time.


Wendy said...

Oh Geez! One MORE thing for me to worry about!

Vicky F said...

I'm sure glad you weren't mixed up in that accident (almost, but not quite). Whew.

Maybe the lady was texting?
Vicky F

Kelly said...

Glad that everyone was okay, especially you guys. Just remember we now have your permission in writing to take your keys away!