Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas eve day began at 4:00 AM in Crabree....bidding farewell to our house sitters we headed to the Asheville airport for the 1st of 4 flights.  Considering the travel horrors we've all read and seen about airline delays this holiday season.....we were relieved that our first flight to Charlotte was on time.  

AT 7:45 AM the airport was practically deserted......which gave us an opportunity to enjoy the lovely poinsettia Christmas trees scattered throughout the concourse.

Santa was doing a quick practice fly over in preparation for his evening flight.

I won't bore you with the drama of our treks from Charlotte to Chicago then to Denver a finally to San Francisco.  Numerous times we were sure we'd be spending the night in one airport or another, but ultimately with blurry eyes we snapped this photo as we were landing in San Francisco (only an hour late).

After a good nights sleep, we had a lovely Christmas to come.....but we are off today taking advantage of after Christmas sales.....

Hope you all had a happy holiday.....

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