Thursday, December 11, 2008


Our fiber arts group (PTA) had it's annual holiday luncheon today.  Great friends, great food, great show and tell, and our white elephant exchange made this a perfect day.

13 of us gathered.....of course we all talk at's amazing we can actually carry on a conversation!

The meal is pot luck......and we all consider ourselves lucky to have such good eats.....naturally dessert is the highlight.

After show and tell we began our white elephant exchange......we don't seem to be able to remember the sort of complicated process for this exchange which begins with drawing numbers for the selection order of the gifts.  Once your turn comes one may select an unopened gift from the pile OR to 'steal' an open gift from someone.  The stealing part is when it gets fun, because as one gift gets taken, that person then can steal from someone else and so on......  There's a limit to how many times a specific item can be exchanged but we tend to lose track and this whole process gets long and a bit year we will be better organized.....maybe!

We did a similar exchange years ago with our family using two decks of playing cards, each person getting two cards from one deck, the other deck was turned card by card until a match is made....indicating that person's turn.  If anyone out there knows this game....would you please share the rules.  

Mary models a very special item......hummm.... I don't recall anyone stealing it.

Georgia Bonesteel's bag contained a variety of laces.....which she immediately modeled as well!  These treasures got stolen......and Georgia ended up with another gift.

Linda Cantrell is demonstrating a very interesting item.....a NASCAR drinking cup.  We guessed the shape was designed to allow the 'sipper' an unobstructed view of the race track as they hydrate themselves!

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Jan said...

It looks like you all had so much fun. I wish I could have gone to but work pays the bills and it was a VERY busy week.