Sunday, December 14, 2008


There's nothing like being exposed to a beautifully decorated room to get one in the holiday spirit.  Add some Christmas music and well behaved musical children and, ta da.....

This huge Christmas tree took up a big portion of a very pleasant restaurant in Maggie Valley.

The photo won't give you the scope of this ornament.....but I can assure you, it was at least 6" across.

After a lovely dinner we headed to Stewart Hall at Lake Junaluska for their Appalachian Christmas concert.  The opening act was the Cockman family.  Three generations.

The highlight of the evening was Doc Watson (center), his grandson Richard (right) and David Holt (left).  If you aren't a Blue Grass probably don't know who these folks are.....but everyone around her sure does.  The place was packed!  Apparently, the locals knew to bring blankets and goves, hall was BARELY heated.  The musicians spent a lot of time re-tuning their instruments which they blamed on the cold.  Fun evening.....and we were happy to have the opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit.

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