Sunday, December 21, 2008


In years past I always enjoyed spending days decorating our home for Christmas, therefore I've made my share of seasonal wall hangings to display.  We will be enjoying the holidays with 'the perfect' child' and wife this year so I've gotten lazy and skipped the challenge (for the 2nd year in a row) of finding places for all our decorations stored in the garage in many rubber tubs!

But....I thought you might enjoy seeing some non-traditional, embellished wall quilts in the next few days.  Today's quilt is titled, Goose Feather Christmas Tree.  It was inspired by old fashioned German goose-feather table top decorations.  A small tree branch was fitted into a wood base (center tree trunk.  Holes were drilled into the sides of the branch to fit the ends of goose-feathers that had been dyed green.  They were most often decorated with lightweight paper cut ornaments.

I used ultra-suede for the trunk and branches and a variety of beading techniques for the decorations.  The binding seam line is beaded using a technique I created called, 'Garland'. Instructions for these techniques can be found in my book, "Beading Buddy".