Wednesday, December 3, 2008


We aren't the only avid Packer fans in our family.  'The husband's" sister and family have tickets and of course love to partake in the famous Lambeau Field parking lot tailgating fun.

Our two college student nieces took a minute out from roaming the activities to chat with Saint Vincent (homage to one of the most famous coaches in professional football, Vince Lombardi.)

Several years ago we purchased a 'memorial' brick as a Christmas present for the the girls are pointing it out for us.....   There truly is nothing like football in Green Bay, Wisconsin!!


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Loved the photo of the nieces with St Vince!
Thanks for showing your family brick.
When they sold shares of Packer stock I wanted to buy our son one for Christmas but he wasn't enthused. So we didn't.
It would have held is value better than most other stocks since in reality it is still worth what it was when it was sold - the value of the paper it was printed on!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Do any of them shovel the bleachers? I just saw a story on my local news about those who can't get tickets for games but are loyal enough to turn out to do this. (I think they also get paid.) I remember hearing about that when I still lived in WI. Yes, nothing like football at Lambeau field!