Saturday, December 27, 2008


Folks from all over the area are visiting this amazing holiday display high on Castro Hill which is about 3 blocks from where we are staying.  There's a little Gingerbread house dwarfed by a 30 ft. tree, encrusted with lights and ornaments made from huge plastic beach balls!  Under the trees, gift wrapped boxes are as big as a VW Beetles.  Yet it's all scaled to appear as if it's 5 ft. tall.

The garage serves as a fireplace mantle.  The owners need a 60 ft. cherry picker to create their yearly display and it takes 2 men, 1 week to complete the scene.  Notice how small the viewers appear at the lower right of the photo. 

This details gives you an idea of the amount of lights, but can't possible depict the size of the ornaments.  Pretty amazing!  Hoping not to insult anyone....but can I say??'d find this only in the land of fruit and nuts!!! (OR Wisconsin!)

We are off for a hike in Golden Gate park......Hope your days have been jolly.

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