Monday, December 8, 2008


UPDATE:  'The husband' reports the steak was tender, well flavored, juicy, and very delicious.( I don't eat steak so I have no comment.)  Hummmm, we still must do our taste test on the pork sausage and bacon we purchased.....before we can give this meat processor a thumbs up or down.  No matter, it's been a fun experience!

Now....back to stitching.  I've been quietly beading some small projects.....since I am not in charge of the remote in the evening....I might as well keep my fingers busy sewing!

I got the idea to bead sheep after visiting the Animal Fiber Fair held in Asheville this fall. At first I was going to needle felt the motif, but.....ahhhh.....I just wanted to play with beads instead.  And after all, whose in charge of the needle and thread?   ME! (and that's about all I'm in charge with since the husband retired!!)

The piece on the left is a small needle/thread caddy (inspired by a gift from Cindy Blackburg), tx's Cindy!
The other one is a small pouch that fits my ipod/cords perfectly for travel.

I work my design on a stabilized 'main' section of felted wool (slightly larger than the desired finished size.)  After all the embellishing is completed, I cut it to size & line with another section of felted wool.  The layers are attached at the edges with hand blanket stitching.


Julie Bagamary said...

These sheep items are so cute. The look like they would take a lot of time to make.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Now THAT'S pretty obsessive if you ask me! I suppose putting that many tightly spaced beads is no different to you than my wanting to do it with french knots. Very cute.