Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Now this is what I'm talking about........role reversal....visiting the kids for Christmas and have them do all the work!

Brunch - served by 'the perfect child' and wife Kelly.

We fell in love with their dog Nali who spent lots of time with us when 'the perfect child' attended Kellogg (the business school at Northwestern) several years ago.  She was a rescue dog that the kids got when they lived in Portland, OR......and she loves the Packers!

She also loves to snoop under the Christmas tree by opening presents....she thinks they are all for her.  Nali doesn't like soap, but managed to find chocolate.....I won't go into the details.....
Luckily, she's okay.

Being a lab, she loves the water.......so a visit to Golden Gate Park is a favorite for her.  She'll chase a ball into the water for as long as you'll throw it.  

Another stunning view....though it was a tad chilly for me due to the brisk wind.....I'm such a whimp since moving down south!

The 'perfect family portrait!

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marcella said...

That is a great family portrait! Yes, today was chilly and even foggy in the am. You never know what the weather will be here.