Thursday, December 18, 2008


When 'the husband' gave me an iPod a few years ago.....well, I was frankly a little dubious about its value.  Of course, part of the hesitation was that I'd need to learn one more darn new techny thing, which often leaves me feeling quite stupid.

Well, now I'm hooked, totally!  Naturally, I have music files, (mostly Blue Grass and Motown). But, it's the podcasts and audio books that keep those ear buds in my ears!

Living nearly at the end nowhere - at 3,200 feet elevation, we have lousy internet.  Our only two options are dial up - NOT,  and satellite.  We have our own dish from Hughesnet which is horribly expensive and has horrible service.  We are getting only about 20% of the speed we pay for....and Hughesnet couldn't care less.  They know up here in the mountains it's them or nothing and that if any other options ever comes our way.....Hughesnet will get unplugged so fast their dish will take wings.  Sorry, I'm venting.

Not only do we have very slow speed, there's too many people using this satellite.  In the evenings, it's almost impossible to surf the web.  I can rarely even get a connection that holds long enough to post to Blogger from about 5:00 PM on.  On top of all this, we have a maxium number of megabits that can be downloaded in each 24 hr. period, and it's VERY easy to go over that number.....which puts you into a penalty box (holding box) where use of the internet for the next 24 hours is almost nill.

Okay....I'm getting to the point now.  Since 'the husband' and I both download some of the same podcasts, we  realized were using a lot of our download capacity unnecessarily.  (The content on an iPod syncs to what's on the computer it receives its data from.  Therefore, whenever I connected to his computer to grab a specific program, I'd lose all of the content on my iPod such as any audio books.)

He found a gadget that eliminates double downloading and loss of data.  It's called mishare  A gadget used to share files and playlists between iPods.  There's no computer or cable needed. Basically, you connect the source iPod (the one with the data already loaded) at one end, and the target iPod (the one waiting for the data) at the a button and ta da!!  Neat....

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Anita said...

Mary, if it weren't for you I would have no clue what all of these electronic devices are for. Parents like me are clueless after the kids move out.

Happy Holidays!