Friday, December 12, 2008


"The husband" hauled out a toy he bought that helped us keep in touch during our move from the Midwest as we drove in two cars to our new mountain life.

It's a hand held rather than making cell calls to each other while in the car, it was just a matter of pushing a button for immediate communication.  Now that we live in a 3 story home....with really steep staircases between floors, this gadget has come in handy.  

I hang out on the top floor in my loft studio....'the husband' is on the lowest maybe this is too much 24-7 togetherness, but there are times that this saves a lot of time!

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Jan said...

We have also used those types of walkie talkies when traveling with 2 cars. In our house the phone system has 4 phones on it with an intercom feature which comes in so handy at times. DH upstairs in his office on the far side of the house and me in the basement in my studio. I have a big mouth but can't yell that loud