Sunday, August 31, 2008


Fri. & Sat. were not spent sewing.......oh how I wish!  Instead, 'the husband' is preparing to sell his year old BMW motorcycle......and being VERY particular about his toys......he felt it necessary to get a 6,000 mile check up before showing it.

Sigh.....the dealer is 2 hours away....that's ONE way via the fastest route.  Unfortunately, the work couldn't finished in one day so I had to follow him in the car for the drive home.  We returned on Sat. to pick it up....but it wasn't completed when we we had to waste time shopping.

I purchased a frame and spent today matting my newest felt piece.  Will share a photo tomorrow....I'm pleased.

Back to the reason for my silence......about 4:00 PM on Sat. we headed back home....the LONG way over the mountains in SC and then the mountains in NC.  This route is very scenic and much loved by bikers as you can see.  I took this photo from my front windshield while driving....scary.....there's a curve about every 30 seconds. 'The husband' (the last one in the line of other bike nuts) I'm sure is grinning ear to ear.....he LOVES riding....and is terribly disappointed that I refuse to even get on the thing.  Maybe that's why he kept this one in the first place instead of selling it when he got an even bigger machine in early summer....I think he wanted me to ride it myself!  NOPE........

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