Friday, August 29, 2008


Urban life isn't for fact, just being in a big city now makes me anxious!  However, there are some pesky adjustments and surprises to rural mountain living.

We were woke last night before 3:00 noises on our covered porch, which we could clearly hear through our open windows.  It continued with pattering, scuffling, and even some yelping.  Finally, the husband got up with a flash light to check.

Good grief.....not one, but 3 hunting dogs were making themselves at home on our porch!  We are learning the ways of folks who've lived and hunted in these mountains for generations and are respectful to their heritage, despite not understanding why anyone would let dogs run around in the middle of the night just to scare a raccoon up a tree!  

I only got a snapshot of two....who have decided to share our front mat instead of going out to 'work'.  They both actually tried to come in the house as I stood with knees bent at odd angles blocking the doorway trying to take a picture.  The third one (I'm convinced) was taking its turn as night if their master showed up......they'd all get up and look busy!
Apparently, the orange collars are fitted with an electric tracking device.....the hunters (supposedly) are hanging about somewhere monitoring some sort of equipment.  When the dogs stop roaming means they've found something, then the hunters go find the dog and their 'catch'.   

At any moment we expected thunderous feet to stamp up our stairs with guns ready.  Instead, no one came for these darn dogs and they continued to make all sorts of noise just outside our window for the rest of the night.  Every once in a while....we'd nearly hit the ceiling in alarm as they give a LOUD howl or two (just pretending they are still 'working').

We had to leave here early this morning and in the process (in the dark) of getting out of the garage.....the three rascals decided that would be an even better place to slack off.  'The husband' had to trick them back outside with dog biscuits (kept for treats for our neighbors more mannerly doggie.)

So....I have nothing sewing wise to share today.....with about 5 hours of sleep and most of the day spent on our errand in Greenville, SC......I haven't done a stitch.  But, I certainly am plotting about what to do next.

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