Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I don't have much to show for our travel day from WI to KY....but can report, our timing to have one final Culvers Concrete malt didn't work out.  It was too early when we passed through the Chicago area so we had to settle for a Dairy Queen blizzard instead near Champaign, IL.  Oh my....I'll be walking 4 times a day to lose weight (if I can even get out of the car) when we get home!

Bear with me patient readers, I promise to get back to quilt related posts in the near future. But....as you can see, my life (actually, 'the husband's) has lots of other interests that keep me from quilting 24-7 as I'd prefer to do!

Moonlite Inn is a very popular BBQ joint in Owensboro that came highly recommended.  It sure doesn't look like much from the outside....well, frankly, not from the inside either....  They are known for their BBO mutton.  YUCK!

Apparently, their chubby greeter likes the food.

There it is......BBQ mutton....right on this menu.  Believe me, I had a difficult time trying to find anything I'd eat.....since I'm not a fan of BBQ.  I wonder what on earth people order at 9:00 AM.....that's when this restaurant opens.....I couldn't wrap my head around that!

Happily, my 'find' came at the end of the meal.  Sincerely, I had THE BEST piece of coconut cream pie I've ever eaten.....it melted in my mouth.  Good thing we'll be home tomorrow, I've pigged out so much on this trip, that even one day longer and I'd have to be BBQ'd. 

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