Thursday, August 28, 2008


Thank you to all of you who shared many good suggestions to help punch up this piece.  I may explore these ideas in upcoming pieces.

After I posted my plea....'the husband' and I went for our walk.  I'd been urging him to photograph ferns (and other foliage) to print in black and white for art in our newly decorated guest room.

Soooo, my attention was focused on ferns of all shapes and size....suddenly, I had an inkling of an idea.....what if I 'printed' their shape onto my background.  This technique is not unknown to me....I've done it quite a lot on woven fabric, but never wool felt. worked.  The process was as simple as painting the ferns with a thick stencil paint, then carefully positioning on the fabric.  I covered the foliage with wax paper and ran a brayer roller over the areas.  Finally, the paper and ferns were removed.....and ta da.....I'm now happy with the design.  

The final touch will be the addition of a few more beads here and there and securing the piece into a frame.  It will be available for purchase by Tues. - Sept. 2nd.,  please email me for details.

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