Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Grocery shopping is still a source of amusement for me.....there are items for sale that are completely foreign to me, yet of course are perfectly familiar to most Southerner's.

Take sweet tea for instance.  Goodness.....you can find it EVERYWHERE....and me asks WHY?  If one wants to drinks something full of calories, why not have a chocolate malt instead?  Oh, ya, I'm not in WI anymore where an over abundance of dairy products is definitely part of our daily lives.

I've tasted Pork Crackins.......yuck!  And, I sure didn't know there were so many different kinds of 'greens'....much less anyone wanting to eat them from a can.  Perhaps I need to have a good Southern home cooked meal made by a local to appreciate these products.

But wait.....I feel a Sheboygan Brat, served on a Sheboygan hard roll coming on.  Though the linked article provides a clue about the dedication we Sheboygan natives have to our brats, the cooking method is NOT the way most Sheboygan brat 'fryers' prepare their brats.   (By the way, we call it 'frying out'....not cooking out or BBQing)

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