Thursday, August 7, 2008


Even those of you who have NO interest in sports have probably heard about the ongoing drama involving Brett Farve and the Green Bay Packers.  I'm soooo sad over the announcement yesterday that our golden boy, Brett will now be wearing a different green jersey.

I'm actually in WI at the moment, and I can report that this saga is non stop news here.

This photo of a classic Brett moment is already getting smaller and beginning to fade......

As, bigger than life photos are longer will we see green and's green and white......

I can't compare my life/career even a tiny bit with his, but I do understand the indecision and apprehension that comes with moving onto a different phase of one's life.  Poor Brett has struggled with retirement....on again, and off again.  Like many professionals of all types of's hard to walk away when one still loves the job.

As I begin to reduce my hectic travel teaching schedule, I'm looking forward to more time at home and actually having time to sew again (grinning), and yet I'm fearful of the loss of enjoyment I've had hopping around the country.  I'm not giving up teaching......I'll be doing that as long as someone wants me!  However, I've begun a transition that will take a couple of years which will decreases airline travel in favor of local teaching and ??    That's the indecision.....the ?? part of what else I'll do to keep myself busy!!

It's great to live in such a wonderful country where it's possible to have choices!

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