Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I had the 'brilliant' idea to save some $$ by purchasing unfinished furniture and antique them myself.  The pieces are the exact size and shape I wanted, and luckily we found some really good quality furniture, none of that cardboard stuff...this is HEAVY and well made.

I've used this method in the past with success......but not this color combo so here goes.  This view is after my first color was applied.  The process is simple:  paint one color first and let dry, then go over lightly with a second color.  Before that's completely dry....paint again and wiping off lightly as you go.....the idea is the blue will show through in various areas (as if worn off).

Good grief!!!  Now I'm worried.....I've had to do 2 coats and let them dry because so much blue was streaking through. It still looks awful due to the messy appearance of the white paint brush marks.  I'm heading out now to do a third layer, will let that dry and try another method.....light sanding to allow some of the blue to show.  With finger crossed.....talk to you all later.....

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