Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm getting behind on my posts.....I'll blame that on 'the husband'.  We are spending way toooo much time doing the guy thing of watching cars go round and round.

In our opinion, the best road racing track in this country is Road America  It's a 4 mile - 14 turn professional track that has hosted races since the 1950's.  I'm not sure of how many acres the facility is on.....a lot.  Sooo pretty, very rural, and it easily rates as having the best food stands! It's located in Elkhart Lake, WI, about 20 mins. from where I grew up. 

One of about 6 entrances into this huge place.

It's so big, they rent golf carts to get around for big $$.  Going by my ipod's nike shoe workout mini computer.......... we walked no less than 6 miles each day....that's not as important as the calorie counter that displays how many food stands we can visit.

Elaborate tents house the race cars, mechanics, and all their stuff.  Each year their 'digs' get more and more professional in appearance.  I can't imagine the cost involved!

I've managed to consume a brat a day since I arrived back in WI......  But, a brat on a stick?!?!  Never.....  I'm falling behind on my Culver's malt a day goal.......hope to get one today.....if only they had that at the race track.

Here's another Wisconsin favorite.  NO WHERE else will you find corn this yummy...WI definitely has this market cornered.

We belong to the Porsche Club of America......and happily can park our car in the Porsche Paddock where a hospitality tent awaits.  

It's a great place to hang out and watch the racing on closed circuit TV, grab something cold to drink, and attend a presentation.  Yeah!!!!  We won the 'distance' award this year.  To qualify you must have driven your car to the race the longest distance.  The husband was thrilled to receive some fancy, smanchy, Porsche filter AND a case of Mobil One oil.  Now, get this....the filter will be shipped to us, the oil we had to take....what's wrong with that picture?  The car that drove the longest, therefore, probably with the most stuff crammed into the tiny trunk, now has to haul a case of oil home.....amusing!

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