Thursday, August 21, 2008


Despite getting the paint from the unfinished furniture shop, I suspect it was the cause of my difficulties achieving the look I wanted.  It was VERY shiny......thick and yet didn't cover well, which required at least 3 coats in most areas. 

That meant it was impossible to randomly 'lightly' hand sand the white to expose the blue underneath.  I had to resort to my Black and Decker "Mouse" fitted with fine grit sand paper. 

Naturally, I began in the back....I don't remember this tool being so heavy......the first thing I did was to gouge a big mark in the upper right leg, just beneath the top.  It took 6 hours to complete the arms and hands ached terrible but I was grateful we had this hand tool.'s what I'm talking about....this is the look I wanted but it took an amazing amount of time, patience and control.

Some areas show less control of the sander than others....but all in all, the shine is gone and the piece now is 'aged'.  For an investment of $175 plus 3's not too bad.

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