Monday, August 11, 2008


We spent Sunday morning at Road America, and then headed up to Stockbridge, WI to meet my brother and his wife.

Since he lives nearby, he knows all the hot spots!  

We gathered on an outdoor deck of a local supper club where both 'boys' could look out and keep their toys in sight.  Ours is the one with 4 wheels!
The restaurant overlooks Lake Winnebago which is the 2nd largest natural freshwater lake in the US.  It's nearly 138,000 acres.  During ice fishing season, it's not uncommon for 10,000 cars to be parked on the ice.

The restaurant is a popular spot, even though it's at the end of the road......and because this lovely harbor is adjacent, many boaters visit as well.

How cute is this??  'The husband' found this drive- in July on his recent motorcycle trip.  It opened in 1948 in Oshkosh, WI.  Today, the servers still where roller skates as they deliver the food.

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