Friday, August 8, 2008


'The husband' and I are on a road trip.......heading for ( guessed it.....) another car race.  This one is at Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI.

Seriously, I'm eating my way across the country.  Our very first stop as we reached the Illinois/Wisconsin border was Culvers.

Just seeing this blue and white sign makes my mouth water for their concrete chocolate malt which I recently expressed a yearning on this blog.  I don't even want to know the calories in this puppy.....

One can purchase a smaller size, but what's the point??  Go for it I say.  It may not look yummy in this photo, try taking a photo with one hand while the other holds this freezing cup of frozen fat while trying to maneuver the whole process in a tiny sports car.  

Since there are no motels rooms to be had anywhere near the race track, well any motel this hotel snob will stay in.....we always end up staying at a Hilton Garden Inn in Oskhosh.  My Dad's birth place and home of the makers of some pretty nifty coveralls.

Another favorite hot spot for us is the Red Robin (and to my knowledge, a chain that doesn't have restaurants in NC).  It's known for their gourmet burgers.

I had a new item on their menu.....the description actually was better than the thinks there were too many flavors competing.  But, who couldn't resist a creamy brie burger, on a bed of au gratin potatoes, with lettuce, &  basil tomatoes on an onion bun.

If I keep eating like this, I'll never fit into the car on the way home!

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