Sunday, August 10, 2008


Yesterday, I continued to eat my way through the food stands at Road America.  A favorite stop one run by John The Baptist church volunteers.  

Can you tell I have a real weakness for ice cream?  Well....actually sweets in general.  We discovered these ice cream sandwiches several years ago and now find ourselves having one a day while at the races.  If it looks big, you got the correct picture.....('the husband' is holding it)'s huge and I ate every bite!

I'm sure this driver never eats ice cream!  Ya, I know....they have to be tiny to fit in their cars. And....flexible.....I watched him go through a series of stretching exercises as he prepared for his event.

The team we cheer for is Penske RS Spyder Porsche.  We quilters refer to our 'stash'...imagine having to have a front end stash!  These are their spares which I'm sure they hope not to use.

Techs from the Porsche factory unveiled their new engine during a presentation for the Porsche club attendees.  I wonder how fast we could get our needles flying with one of these puppies??

The Porsche Paddock parking is a real perk that we enjoy using at this event.  It's a special fenced in area that is only available to Porsches.  It was full on Sat. and quite a sight to view 5 rows of Porsches parked side by side.  The many vintage and other 'limited' edition models that came made it very special.  

Me??  I know red, blue, and black......not model numbers, engine size, yadda yadda.....but guys can and do stand around for hours trading words of wisdom about the merits of these cars.

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