Friday, August 9, 2013


Call me stubborn....I wasn't ready to give up on the design.  Perhaps this isn't a virtue, but I must admit in all my sewing years, I have abandoned only about 3 or 4 projects.  Sometimes my best new pathway is found by working through the ugly ducklings.

I'll often take a photo and view the piece on the computer to help direct me to the problem and then, hopefully the answer.  In this case, I wondered how the piece would look if I drastically trimmed the edges, to highlight just the cabochon.  

I 'almost' convinced myself it would work.  

But, before I took that step, I decided to permanently secure the patches together with machine stitching and bead the cabochon. 
Clearly that wasn't the miracle I was looking for either.  In desperation, I grabbed the leftover trimmings from the original wider 9 patch sections and arranged them on the piece.

Is this the answer????  Again NO!!! But wait.....I do NOT give up easily.......and I have another idea.......check in here tomorrow....


The Idaho Beauty said...

OOOO - maybe not the answer, but I have to admit my initial reaction to the added strips was very positive. And I very much like the beading around the cabochon.

Oh how I recognize this behavior - I too refuse to give up on my ugly ducklings and can usually make them work in the end. But oh, the struggle to get there! Hoping there are not too many more starts and stops to success for you on this one.

Robbie said...

I'm just trying to catch up the past week on blogs...working current to last week!!! I like this piece...interesting!!!! Now I'm curious as to what else you've been up to this week!!! Off I go to read..maybe it's time for a glass of wine too!! Hmmmmmm