Thursday, August 1, 2013


....Or perhaps I should say......taking in what I see.....

Even though I've been quite busy preparing the quilts/paperwork/details for my upcoming solo show at the NC Arboretum - Aug. 16-Oct.,  2013..... it struck me yesterday that I actually have a lot more free time than I did in the past.

With retirement from teaching schedule at the end of 2014, the absence of constant packing/unpacking/kit making/correspondence/travel details (not to mention 2 days of travel for every trip) reminded me of what a change I have in store for myself.  Of course I'll never stop making art.  My energies are being directed toward selling rather than teaching/lecturing/authoring but I don't expect that to as full time as my "on the road career'.

I'll admit to feeling a bit lost's a big change.  However, the old adage, 'stop and smell the roses' is so true.....  I often find myself rushing from task to task and not allowing myself to enjoy the remarkable environment I live in.  

 Our mountain area has benefited by more than average rainfall this nearly every morning we wake to fog until the sun comes over the Eastern side of our mountain valley and burns it off.   Beautiful, wouldn't you say??
And as fast as one can take pictures.....the sun creeps higher and then puff.....the world comes back into view......

Take time today to smell some roses yourself!


The Idaho Beauty said...

:-))) AND smell the coffee! I particularly like the leisure of watching a sunset from start to finish, till the last tiny bit of tint fades to grey. Didn't often have time for that when I worked.

nanette said...

Beautiful picturez, Mary. I'm catching up on my blog reading. Thank you for sharing your mountain views. Hugs.